Julie Murphy

I really had to reflect on this. When being asked to choose or pick a topic related to sustainable development goals and consdering how children might be affected by it at both local and global levels. I am refering to the united nations sustainable development goals. I am going to choose number 6 clean water. Firstly, children need to be explicitly taught about water and sanitation. They need to be shown examples of peoples lives all around the world. They need to see the conditions in which other people live in. They then need to look at themselves, how they use water. They could design a poster to show ways in water in an effective and efficient manner without wasting water. They could work in groups to collaborate listing ways in which we can reduce wasting water, such as, using the dishwasher once a day instead of twice a day in the staffroom, turning the boiler off at the end of the day when we know no one will be using it.

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