Robert Cheevers

I would choose number four and ten on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: quality education and reduced inequalities. Quality education and reduced inequalities related to people with disabilities making sure that they are treated fairly and there is an inclusive society and community that allow them the same opportunities.

On a local level making sure that schools and public areas are wheelchair accessible. That there are toilets for wheelchair users in all schools and public parks. When building communities with the planning of schools and parks that people with disabilities are considered. There are not just steps but facilities provided so people with disabilities are independent or rely on assistance are little as possible.

On a global level, governments around the world consider all people with their planning and building of infrastructure and take into consideration the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. All cities and streets have pavements and footpaths that can be used by wheelchair users and by people with disabilities.

I would get the children to collaborate and engage through their work on the student council to bring awareness and attention to issues to other stakeholders in their communities. We could do this by creating projects trough the use of photographs and notes on issues facing children with disabilities. Taking pictures of poor paths, infrastructure and other facilities that unfairly impact the lives of children. The children could also host an event in the school and invite local TD’s and councils. We could do a news report and post it to our local newspapers.

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