Christine O’Brien

There are several organisations working with refugees in the wider Cork community. The Cork Migrant Centre’s (CMC) programs target people from all five direct provision centres in Cork as well as migrants, including refugees in the local Cork community. It recognises that not all migrants are refugees. To quote their website, http://www.corkmigrantcentre.ie , its ‘psychosocial programs target empowerment by giving these vulnerable individuals a voice and strengthening their physical, emotional, cognitive and social health. It also aids in their integration process.’ It also explains how it focuses on ‘building collaborations, partnerships’ and linkages (Nationally & Internationally) towards creating and enhancing opportunities for equality and equity.’

With this in mind, it would be wonderful to, as a class/school, link up with the CMC to organise a ‘Welcome Refugees’ event in the area. Children could write a letter/article for their local paper welcoming refugees. Children could write to their local and/or national representatives (e.g. Minister for Children & Youth) regarding direct provision and its infringements on SDGs and/or UN Human Rights and/or UN Rights of the Child. Children could link up with/have penpals with children who are refugees in the Direct Provision Centres in the county.

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