Teresa Gillespie

In the opening paragraph of Eric Ehigie’s paper ‘ The Role of Global Citizens in Today’s World’, he employs very powerful language when he writes that we are  ‘plagued with the existence of many social issues that pierce the veil of our wellbeing ‘including poverty, hunger, inequality and political instability.As a black immigrant in Ireland he was well versed in racism from listening to the first hand experiences of his mother and other members of the African community.An interesting point he makes is that one could be discouraged from trying to live more sustainably or not supporting companies which continue to pollute our atmosphere on a massive scale , when one sees others seemingly oblivious to the effect their actions have on the lives of others.However, we need to recognise the power of one and how far we have come on our journey ,while at the same time acknowledging that there is much to do, to make our world a fairer place for all.

Development Education is essential to bring about a fully inclusive and equitable society.It can be incorporated into the SPHE curriculum under the strand Myself and the Wider World and easily integrated into Drama, Religion, History and Geography lessons. Pete Mullineaux’s book ‘Independence Day! Teaching the Sustainable Education Goals Through Drama for All a

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