I have found many groups in Dublin that support refugees. Examples include: Irish Refugee Council and The Irish Red Cross and Doras. My school and students could take action to support and welcome refugees to the community by engaging in the following activities:
– Engage in fundraisers to raise money for the organisations that support refugees. This could include a pyjama day, own clothes day or a bake sale.
– Contribute to a Christmas Food/Toy appeal where children and staff could donate to. Items would be sent to an organisation that supports refugees and these would be delivered to refugee families before Christmas.
– Guest speakers that are involved in one of the above organisations may visit the school to talk about their organisation and the work they do.
– Participate in an international day where other countries/cultures are celebrated through clothing, music and food.
When children take action, it helps them construct an inclusive community where everyone is welcomed and it fosters children in becoming active citizens.

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