In relation to the Sustainable Development Goals, I have chosen goal number 2 “Zero Hunger”. This goal aims to end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. At a local level, children in low-income families may experience food insecurity. This has a negative impact on their overall wellbeing and the development of the whole child. This can impact their performance both at a physical, emotional and academic level in school. At a global level, millions of children suffer from malnutrition. This weakens their immune system, making them more likely to pick up diseases. Malnutrition also causes a higher level of death rates. I would encourage my students to take action by inviting them to grow their own fruit and vegetables in the school garden. Additionally, they could explore fair trade products in their local supermarket and complete some research on this. Whole class discussions on “Reducing Food Waste” could occur. The whole school community could get involved by having trocaire boxes in the school that children and staff could contribute to.

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