Naomi Curran

I have chosen goal 13 climate action because this is a goal that affects the daily lives of children on a local and global level. In our school we encourage our students to take a variety of actions themselves to help with the SDGs through the following ways;

Only turning on the lights when we need them.

Put the materials into the correct bins paper, plastic and compost.

Do not waste paper when it is not needed-for example when a member of staff prints a sheet one sided that they did not mean to print or it did not turn out the way they wanted it to ,we use them pages in the classroom for the kids to draw on or use for art so nothing gets wasted.

At the end of the school year 6th class organise an end of year sale where all the children of the school bring in unwanted items if they want too. The 6th class set up the sale and each child brings in a maximum of two euro and they can buy other children’s items in the sale once again only if they want too. This is a great day out for all and the money goes to a different charity each year.

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