Kevin Barry

The goal that I have chosen is Water and Sanitisation SDG 6. Clean water and sanitation is a critical issue for both children and adults, both at local and global levels. In Ireland, students can take action to support SDG 6 by raising awareness about the importance of clean water and sanitation, and by actively participating in initiatives to conserve water and improve access to sanitation facilities in their local communities.

I would challenge the students to identify water-related issues in their own school or community, such as water wastage or inadequate sanitation facilities. They would research and propose practical solutions to address these issues, considering factors like water conservation, rainwater harvesting, or promoting reusable water bottles.

To engage the wider community, students could create informative posters or organize a campaign to educate others about water conservation and the importance of maintaining clean sanitation facilities. They could also collaborate with local organizations or government agencies to advocate for improved infrastructure and policies related to clean water and sanitation.

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