Kieran Ormond

I found this module on Gender equality to be helpful because it is something teachers experience at many stages throughout their careers and it’s important for educators at all levels to address it when it arises. My most recent experience of gender stereotypes was in the classroom rewards time this year when a class vote chose an art activity over a physical activity, to which a boy in the class suggested; can the boys not go outside to play football while the girls did the art? I took this opportunity to remind the boy that the class vote was of course mixed gender and that the art activity was chosen by the majority of students. I felt a nice way to use the reward time as a reminder of gender equality by designing a jersey for the upcoming Irish women’s world cup (and of course that the men’s team would be wearing throughout the year). I think the most important methodology in combatting gender equality is to address it with discussion to raise understanding in a safe, non-accusatory way.

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