Peter Mc Mahon

Climate change is having a major impact in my local area, results of which have even taken place as recently as this week. The weather conditions in each season have become more extreme, with gale force winds, snow days, storms and icy conditions taking place but to name a few. In recent years, the school has had to close due to storms and snow, something that I cannot remember ever occurring when I was in primary school. Even this week locally, we have experienced flooding and road closures, something that I never thought I would imagine in the month of July! I think that the children need to be made aware as to why these extreme weather conditions are occurring. The impacts that these weather conditions have on the locality could be taught through Geography lessons.

3 actions I would use to make the world a better place and slow down climate change:

1. reusable water bottles: currently in my school children receive water bottles each day, resulting in a lot of unnecessary waste.

2. encourage children to walk, cycle or get public transport where possible as opposed to driving.

3. classroom monitor: the job of classroom monitor could be given to 2 pupils who remind to turn off lights, plugs, boards etc. when not in use, and can also monitor waste being put in the correct bins.


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