Niamh Mc Hugh

The Role Of Global Citizenship in Today’s World was a very interesting and informative read. The author took a very wholistic view to what global citizenship means in our world today and how we can continue to strive for a better and more progressive future addressing prejudice and racism in ourselves, our communities and schools. I found the authors own experience very touching and reassuring that he feels the values and views in Irish society are changing for the good, particularly within our young people. The fact that he feels people are not only changing perceptions and becoming more knowledgeable and understanding but also that he has seen a noticeable change in our society becoming more ‘actionable’ towards racisms and prejudices is very reassuring. As our society continues to change and become more and more diverse the more exposure we have have to each other and to each others cultures, race and beliefs firsthand the more I feel we better understand the concepts that ‘we are made for cooperation’  and ‘are one in God’s eyes’ and will continue to become better Global Citizens.

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