Michelle O Regan

The Sustainable Development Goal I have decided to focus on is Good Health and Wellbeing. We have invested a lot of time and energy into promoting positive wellbeing in our school. Wellbeing being part of the School Self-evaluation next year will be mean a huge drive for Wellbeing across the country. Admittedly, having a WSE this year made us look at how we run our school and refocus our minds on wellness. It rightly so, was investigated by our inspectors and was a great opportunity to showcase how we weave wellness into all aspects of school life.

While wellbeing in our school is a very localised drive, our hope is that the children will carry the gems with them and use them throughout their lives. We love to involve parents and encourage their involvement when possible. One way in which we do this is through homework. For the last fortnight in June, the children forget their traditional practices and focus on wellbeing. Teachers give tasks focusing on mindfulness, positive affirmations, gratitude etc. This is one small way in which we promote wellbeing, but small changes like this make a huge impact over time.


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