Reply To: Module 4 – Migration and Refugees

Mary Mc Elvaney

In regard to a school community, our Home School Liaison officer has been heavily involved supporting and welcoming new families to the school community. The library has been stocked with dual language books and there was a mentor/ buddy system between students at different year groups.

In regard to the local area, there is a Ukrainian Community Centre that acts as a hub. When I researched the group, they offer one-to-one support and advice and have a range of activities such as skills based and creative workshops for both adults and children. Perhaps, linking in with the schools that these students attend to offer a buddy programme or getting involved in the Art workshops. The organisation of an active or fun day might encourage refugees in which English may be an additional language. They have advertised a poster competition about their year so far in Ireland. The cultural activities would allow refugees to teach students in our school about their culture and there could be a volunteer programme for children, staff or parents who are willing to support in any way possible.


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