Emma Molloy

Climate Change is impacting my local area in many ways. One such way is more extreme weather conditions. For example, I live near the sea and storms are undeniably becoming more prevalent. We regularly hear of weather warnings. These have resulted in certain bathing spots being closed and, in more extreme cases, schools closing for multiple days. We, in Ireland, are not used to extreme weathers but in recent years we are certainly seeing more flash flooding, storms, gale force winds. This change can be explored with pupils through the SESE subjects. In Geography there is a whole strand about weather and this could tie in with History and the change over time in our weather patterns.

Three actions I would take, in my classroom, to make the world a better place:

• One electricity-free hour per day.

• Ban single-use plastics.

• WOW (Walk on Wednesday) – This is an initiative that is already up and running in our school.

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