anny hynes

Hi Peter,

It is interesting that you have mentioned this.  This is the exact reason we decided to bring in more female speaker, especially those in more gender stereotypical roles, to speak at assembly.  We recently had a commandant from the Irish Army and her aim is to be the first female General.  This really shifted the energy in the hall and the children began asking really interesting questions.  Some stereotypical, such as, can you do this and that?? And once she mentioned she had been a tank driver they were hooked right in.

We had a teacher who played in the Ladies Premier Soccer League in Ireland and the children, both boys and girls really respected this and a lot of the children went to see her play in the FAI final in the AVIVA.

There are turning points and changes being made and as you have said with the Women’s World Cup coming up, this gives us the perfect chance to push gender equality and begin here.

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