anny hynes

I found this paper, ‘The Role of Global Citizens in Today’s World’ really insightful. The one sentence that really resonated with me was,

‘We, as human beings, are truly bound to one another, and the job of the global citizen is to recognise this, find their place in today’s world, and see where they can use their unique abilities to improve it for those who are less fortunate. ‘
This paper has highligted how we are all human beings – equal – sharing the one planet, but yet we are not. Unfortunately, as this paper has highlighted, we see evidence of disparity acorss the globe, economically, socially, racially etc. It is important that we, as educators, take on a repsonsibilty to develop Global Citizens wihtin our schools. We need children to see the bond that we have as humans and that a difference in religion, race, financial situaiton or any other difference should impact this bond. Children have an innocence, where they can be blind to colour, money, religion etc. and it is the influences locally and globally that can change this.
I look forward to learning and developing ways to incorperate this more in my classtoom. I have used racism in football to teach children about these issues and found it really impactful. I would love to develop this further. I teach in a school that is becoming more diverse each year and it is important that we promote equality and empathy throughout.

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