Kieran Ormond

I found the paper ‘The Role of Global Citizens in Today’s World’ to be an interesting read as it mixes the biographical narrative of Eric’s upbringing as an immigrant in Ireland who’s susceptible to racism, with the informative element of why anyone; educators, students or others need to engage with the ‘system of self’ and become more global citizens.

In terms of bringing this mindset into a primary classroom, I love the concept of the ‘system of self’ whereby every system or company, cooperation, sports team and even country have people at the core. The thought of empathy and morality is one that is vital to teach, especially for the younger age groups. Inquiry lessons could be introduced with something similar to ‘What if the leaders/captain of ______ only had kind thoughts?’

The sustainable development goals should be spread across the curriculum at primary level and divided out between year groups for continuous planning. This would ensure that no student goes though primary without having projects completed on, or cross-curricular links made to all 17 goals.


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