Peter Mc Mahon

The goal that I have chosen is Affordable and Clean Energy (Goal 7). This goal aims to “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”.  This is not only something which effects people globally, but also closer to home as well. Throughout the school year there has been a number of occasions where children have not had access to electricity in the area where I work. It is important to raise awareness of the different types of renewable energy sources that can be used. We have a Green Schools committee and the children on this help to raise awareness on energy consumption in our school. We have introduced initiatives whereby ‘inspectors’ monitor each classroom to ensure lights, switches and devices are turned off when not in use, with the most efficient classes receiving rewards. This helps the children to learn and to practice energy management. Following current trends it is projected that in 2030 nearly 700 million people will still be without electricity globally. It is important to raise awareness of this to the children.

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