Ann Gaughan

CClimate change is definitely affecting us all at a local and global level. The rise in temperatures and then flash flooding is very evident, storms during the summer with regular thunder/ lightning..its unavoidable. With the older classes, I believe the Green schools programme does a lot to promote these issues , we are after obtaining our flag for travel where children were encouraged to take the bus to reduce our carbon footprint. Although the number of cyclists increased, it was not safe for us to promote car pooling, walk, cycle, scoot so we were limited in our actions. In the future I would like to look at trnds in countries that have high populations/ high carbon footprints and encourage the children to take action by sending an email to a local minister or someone in power.
This year we took part in the IN Your shoes campaign, where children brought in trainers and football boots in good condition, but no longer fit them. These shoes were passed on to children in poorer countries. I love the idea I saw here by a poster where older kids brought in jerseys for the younger children. I think this is such a great idea to encourage sustainability…plus kids would love it! We have done this before with books and school jumpers but never thought of doing it with jerseys! And the county jerseys last for ages.. great quality!

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