Ann Gaughan

Sustainable Development Goal 3 ‘Good Health and Wellbeing’ is an important goal that affects children locally and globally. Since covid, anxiety and resilience have been at an all time low, especially with the older pupils (in my opinion). Teaching 6th class, I feel this goal can be incorporated into SPHE but 30 mins a week just simply isn’t enough time! I think all senior class teachers should promote this goal but in a curriculum heavy environment, this is easier said than done, I am hoping the new framework will allow us more time to have open discussions, raise awareness, introduce a variety of programmes such as promoting healthy eating, introduce a variety of sports/ exercises not just the typical soccer, GAA..who don’t suit everyone, coping strategies to deal with difficult situations, recognising our feelings…all lovely topics to promote good health and wellbeing. In doing this, it should highlight how priveledged we actually are..but this shouldn’t belittle anyones feelings/ make them feel bad about feeling a certain way so this would nee to be done with sincere compassion and sensitivity.
In short, it’s not rocket science…we all work better when we are happy! Providing our children with the skills to be content and happy will prepare them for the world out there.

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