Mary Mc Elvaney

Number 15 involves ‘protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems is the area of ‘Life on Land that I feel has been explored at a local level in our school through the Green School initiative. We were awarded the Bio-diversity flag. This involved many similar ideas such as a bug hotel, bird feeders, wildflower area, herb and flower garden. With an aim of helping the local eco-systems thrive and spread awareness amongst students. The next flag will involve a global focus on litter and waste. I feel this will make us all question the items that we purchase and order ie. deliveries, single use items.

The global element of this goal i.e. the desserts or forests was researched in junior classes but I feel there is more scope in the senior classes through independent research of child friendly articles using I pads and technology. The videos shared in this module really makes us reflect on the wider impact our day to day choices have on our local and global community.


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