Helen Walsh

The Role of Global Citizens in Today’s World

The school I teach in is not diverse, however, I believe it is equally important to encourage and teach the themes of Development Education in all schools, across all diversities.
I liked how the article linked with the children’s own history as this could be a good starting point. I also think it is a good idea to ‘start small’ and build on solid foundations. If the children are given the opportunity to reflect on their own cultural history, for example emigration, they will be able to relate more easily and therefore embrace the compassionate ‘head, heart, hands’ philosophy towards taking action on a larger scale.
I think it is important to promote Development Education through teacher modelling and through cross-curricular and whole school inclusion. Just as a school community works well together through collaboration, this approach to Development Education aids in fostering interest and involvement with colleagues and children as well as parents and the whole school community.

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