Eimear Donohoe

Increased heat (although this is lovely) and drought can have a negative impact on local farming as it will reduce crop yields.

Farmers in turn are struggling to keep going to stay and have to look for ways to adapt to changing conditions. Unfortunately for consumer’s prices of products will likely increase. Local farmers are fearful for their herds of cattle also as they try to get water to them. Of course the general population are taking advantage of the heat and filling up their paddling pools and at the same time the country is being put on hose pipe bans.

Flooding is recent years has had a big impact on homes and business in the local area as the local river rose and did damage to many homes and businesses.


Climate change and the impact on the environment could be taught through SPHE and Geography and still could make and present project for the class. Perhaps during Science week the focus for that year could be on climate change and the whole school place their learning focus on climate change for that week. Parents could be invited in on the last day of science week and the learning ,be it experiments, presentations or projects could be presented at a school assembly.


Three things to make the World a better place and slow down Climate change.

1. Conserve energy on a daily basis. This can be promoted in home and in schools. Simple changes like turning off lights, taking shorter showers, run appliances at home (dishwasher, washing machine) on energy saving modes.

2. Walk, cycle or use public transport. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by walking and cycling, car-pooling or taking the bus or train would have a very positive impact on climate change.

3. Recycling: Recycling plastics, cardboard etc at home and getting your green schools committee to put a big push on to engage in this process in schools would also have a positive impact on global warming and climate change.



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