Ann Gaughan

I enjoyed reading “The Role of Global Citizens in Today’s World” and feel that it emphasises the importance of development education, taking responsibility for our world, both locally and at a global level.
global issues, cultural diversity and social justice. Need to be promoted in primary schools, in particular to the senior pupils so they are prepared for the world of secondary school, travels, work experience, dealing wit other people, the benefits are endless. By engaging with topics such as poverty, inequality, sustainability, and human rights, students are empowered and gain the appropriate skills.
I teach in a rural school where the majority of children are highly privileged and, although I feel we do a lot of work to fundraise for poorer countries (shoebox appeal every year, Wells for Water campaign, Burma Project, Support TY students to visit third world countries…and ,any others) I do feel there is a us and them perception. As a teacher and having recently welcomed a number of Ukranian children in our community I do feel global citizenship needs to be promoted and valued from a young age. On reflection, I do not ever recall ever learning about this in school (and I am not that ancient) but its good to see education is evolving and the SPHE curriculum is allowing for this. I really liked the games promoted in this module, so simple but effective (building the tower)

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