Eimear Donohoe

In reality children on various ages are affected to varying degrees by the 17 sustainable development goals locally and globally. The goal I would focus on is goal number 3: Health and Wellbeing.

Good health and wellbeing is absolutely necessary for everyone. In Ireland if we are unwell we know we will have access to medial support. In other countries, developing or undeveloped countries this is not always the case. I think as educators it’s important to explore this with the children. This could be done with children with group work or as projects. Children could explore and compare the differences in health and wellbeing in Ireland and other countries basing it on statistics etc. I think to do this as a starting activity it would open the eyes of the children to how privileged they really are to have easy access to support with health and wellbeing. To follow on for this to promote this goal locally children could explore ways of having and maintaining good health with a focus on healthy eating, exercise and minding your wellbeing. There are lots of resources for this and it would fit in nicely in SPHE, PE, history and many other subjects. As taking care of mental health is such a challenge for children nowadays especially with the influence of social media, peer pressure etc a lot of talk and discussion is needed in this area. I think a school and community environment needs to be very open and welcoming to talking about this, so that children feel that there is a place to turn to should they feel that they are struggling with their mental health.


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