Noreen Keane

Like other participants here, unfortunately, there isn’t one specific organization in my area working with refugees. We have all the usual ones, St. Vincent de Paul, Family Resource Centre and of course the one mentioned by many, the GAA. They all do great work and I am sure are very busy.

Regarding my own school, it is in an urban area and has always been very multicultural. At one stage we had families from 12 different countries in our school. We celebrated annually within the school community by having our ‘Intercultural Day’. The children did projects on each of the countries and members of the family would visit and give an insight into their way of life. The children paraded in the schoolyard with their banners, signs and posters on our ‘Intercultural Day’ to celebrate. The whole school community got involved. I think this celebration and welcome to other nationalities into our community attracted families to our school at that time. We even made the newspapers and the news! However, the dynamic changed with time, and we now have few families from different cultures in our school. This module brings me back to projects and celebrations we could do again to welcome and include all families into our school community. This year my 6th class got involved with a Direct Provision Centre and we organized a cake sale, with all the money going towards stationery and school supplies for those children. We can do more.


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