Katie Doyle

The biggest threat caused by climate change in my area is the rising sea levels. I live in a coastal village in Dublin and recent studies by dublinclimatechnage.condema have projected that as coastal region, Dublin is also faces significant risk of sea level rise, and this would have significant impacts on the county and its infrastructure. Following recent extreme flood events and predictions of sea level rise due to climate change, Dublin City Council carried out a review of the capacity of the existing coastal flood defences to provide protection for urban areas. Dublin City Council calculates that over the last 15 years, the Average Annual Sea Level in Dublin Bay appears to be rising faster than initially projected. This, coupled with increased wave heights, tides and frequency of coastal storms, storm surges, means that coastal communities will face increased economic, social and environmental vulnerabilities if we don’t act now.


I also teach in a seaside village so I think its important to educate the children about the threats climate change has to our oceans and seas.


In a previous teachnet course , it focused on how to bring the subject of climate change to your classroom. Resources such as ted talks by Greta Thunberg are a great way of gathering interest with the students and allowing them to relate to another young person speaking about the topic.

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