Fintina Kealey

Climate change is evident through warmer bursts of heat in summer and wetter conditions during the winter. This aspect of climate change is having a huge impact on local farmers as the seasons are not as they traditionally were and weather has become unpredictable for growing crops and storing fodder for winter. Although some aspects of farming practices have been linked to climate change and negatively contributing, it has impacted their livelihoods as they find it difficult to grow and harvest crops with the adverse weather changes in recent years.

Actions to slow down climate change can be done by educating children about sustainability, how to recycle in the classroom and by taking children to local recycling centres to show them how they can make this common practice in their own homes.

Sharing lifts were possible to school for teachers who live further than walking distance from a school to act as role models for pupils. Having a green schools committee to promote a walking bus (whereby children gather at a certain point and collectively walk to school together) or WOW (walk on Wednesday) or COW(cycle on Wednesday) initiatives are also small changes which can show children how we have the power to slow down climate change.

Encouraging Children to use reusable water bottles as part of their lunches is also a way to teach about sustainability and not using single use plastic in our daily lives where possible.


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