Jamie Owens

The paper emphasizes the importance of development education in nurturing global citizens and fostering a sense of responsibility towards social, economic, and environmental challenges worldwide. As an educator, I fully recognize the significance of development education in preparing students to be active participants in a globally interconnected world. I feel development education serves as a powerful tool to enhance students’ understanding of global issues, cultural diversity and social justice. By engaging with topics such as poverty, inequality, sustainability, and human rights, students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become agents of positive change.

To incorporate development education into my teaching, I would employ a multidisciplinary approach, integrating global themes and perspectives across various subjects. I would leverage technology to bring real-world issues into the classroom, using multimedia resources and interactive discussions. Having worked in China for 6 years I could also use connections I have made to set up virtual collaborations with Chinese students who would have completely different cultural backgrounds.

Overall, I feel development education is essential in equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become active global citizens.

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