Patrick Brophy

I would choose a combination of the sustainable development goals focusing on ‘Life on Land’ and ‘Reduced Inequalities’. One of my favourite lessons to do is the Cocoa trading game where students begin to recognise that the top Cocoa producers are all located in the South but the main consumers are in the North. On a local level we would look at where the price of a locally purchased bar of chocolate goes, and how much of the cost is returned to the farmer who grows the Cocoa (an example of the game is available here https://www.christianaid.org.uk/sites/default/files/2022-07/chocolate-trade-game-introductory-activities.pdf These activities create much scope for cross curricular learning, comparing our lives and looking at the role of advertising in our consumption. I would encourage the students to choose a separate commodity and present their projects their class and/or the school community, and perhaps and advertising poster comparing the rights of workers and farmers abroad to those we have at home.

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