Fintina Kealey

I think goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all is a goal that would really strike a cord and have significant meaning for the children we teach (on a local level) as the children I teach all have access to education, an education that we strive to make inclusive, equal and of a quality that promotes life long learning opportunity giving prosperity for the future. It is something that not all children across the world have and would offer the children we teach an opportunity to feel empathy for children of their age who do not have the opportunity or access to covid.

Covid took the opportunity for face-to-face education away from children in March 2020 and the children came back to school with a new found appreciation for what they had missed. I feel the need for quality education across the world is a goal the children would strongly connect with and invest interest.  Children in older classes could take action with research and awareness campaigns as well as contacting local councillors to see how our government are supporting efforts for these goals to be met globally.


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