Imelda Whelan

<p class=”MsoNormal”>We are an urban school based on the fringe of Dublin city. One environmental change that we have noticed in recent years in the number of urban foxes that are around our school environment. Local animal experts tell me that this is as a result of reduction in food sources for foxes in rural settings that is driving them in to more residential areas where they are sourcing food from a domestic based supply. Our CCTV footage pays testimony to the larges number of foxes roaming our school grounds at night and indeed for nocturnal creatures they are frequently seen seeking food in the daytime after the children have been out to yard.
In terms of 3 approaches that I would like to grow/establish
We currently have a school garden where we are establishing a plant/harvest/ cook plan. I would like to continue to develop this
I would like to focus on reducing our water usage and look at the viability of rain water harvesting
I would like to look at reducing our overall energy usage

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