Eimear Donohoe

I really enjoyed reading the article ‘The role of global citizens in Today’s World’

As a teacher, I think it’s important to provide a curriculum with a global perspective. More importantly though this curriculum should not simply focus on once off lessons but try to promote a holistic whole school approach to developmental education.

In the primary school curriculum SESE and SPHE provide lots of opportunities and lends itself well to developmental education but it can also be integrated with other subjects like maths, the Arts and religious education.

There are many resources available to educators including online resources to help promote developmental education in schools. DevelopmentalIreland.ie, plan international Ireland, Amnesty international, First Aid to name but a few.

School could also promote campaigns and charitable activities. Teachers could provide opportunities for children to partake in campaigns about issues that may affect them in school, locally or globally.

Having a school council could provide opportunities to develop attitudes and values important for citizenship.

The whole school staff should make a big effort to display a sense of respect for each other within the school to show children how to show value and respect for people and the roles they carry out within the school. Making sure all staff understand what developmental education actually is and providing training from an outside source if need to help define what developmental education is and how to promote it in a school.


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