Niall Hickey

Climate change is indeed having a significant impact on Ireland, affecting various aspects of its environment, economy, and society. Here are some ways in which Ireland is experiencing the effects of climate change and in my local area in west Clare.  Ireland  is witnessing an increase in extreme weather events such as storms, heavy rainfall, and flooding. These events can lead to property damage, displacement, and disruptions to transportation and infrastructure.
• Rising Sea Levels: As global temperatures rise, so do sea levels. This poses a threat to Ireland’s coastal regions, including counties like Clare and in my local area where rising sea levels have eroded all the dunes and land is being lost at a high rate near the sea. There is also lots of GAA teams training on these dunes which is effecting and loosening the sand and causing further erosion to our coastline. Rising sea levels can result in coastal erosion, loss of habitats, and increased vulnerability to storm surges. Ireland’s agriculture sector is being affected by climate change. Shifts in temperature and rainfall patterns can impact crop yields, livestock health, and overall agricultural productivity.

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