Imelda Whelan

<p class=”MsoNormal”>The importance of Development Education is increasing within the global developments that we see around us every day. I see the value of development education as having two main learning objectives for children. Many of our children in our Irish schools do not have a fair bite of the cherry in terms of education advantage and opportunities. The phrase that resonated the most with me from this paper as that poverty keeps the fruit within the basket. Firstly, it is essential that all our pupils are encouraged to become responsible global citizens and to recognise within themselves that they have an agency for change. It is also very important that we teach our children to recognise social issues that affect others but also to realise when they themselves are negatively impacted by social issues. This recognition and knowledge will help pupils to recognise their own needs and deficits while also supporting the needs and deficits that exit within our global setting.</p>

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