Imelda Whelan

<p class=”MsoNormal”>We are a senior girls’ DEIS band 1 school in an urban setting. We are very aware that our pupils have an increased need for positive role models as they engage with their learning process and also as they develop their own future plan and personal goals and expectations. We follow the premise of “if they can see it they can be it”. To this end, we have engaged with some local companies, who very kindly staff time to come and talk to our pupils about their career paths and their roles within their working environment. One area of these discussions that resonated very strongly with our pupils, was when the staff spoke about how they have to negotiate pay increments and that the male staff are far more comfortable with this process than the female staff.</p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”>At the start of Science Week, our teachers asked their pupils to draw a scientist. The majority of pupils drew a male figure (predominantly with crazy grey hair, a lab coat and glasses – so the stereotype was not just gender based!). Our approach is to enable our pupils to actively and personally engage with local business people so that they can be inspired to see the roles and career paths that are open to them.</p>

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