Sarah Muldowney

The affects of climate change can be seen in our local area in the form or rising temperatures, extreme wind and rain, as well as rising sea levels. I think one thing that I have noticed since learning to drive is the extreme dangerous conditions that are a direct cause of climate change. These extreme conditions impact the local environment around us and it is important for children to be aware of this change in their world.

In the classroom, I think I would educate the children on what the meaning of climate change is and what they can do as children now to help, but also in the future.

Three actions we can take are:

1. Reduce carbon footprint by turning off appliances.

2. Children could create projects and speak out about climate change to younger classes about actions they can take.

3. Recycling and upcycling – reduce fast fashion and look at ways we can reuse household/classroom waste for new purposes, even art lessons.

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