Noreen Keane

I had this poster of Sustainable Development Goals on my classroom wall this year. We often discussed the different topics as they came up across the curriculum and how we can address inequality through these goals. As an urban school, with no green space I would focus on goal ‘Life on Land’. It is good to show the children that changes can be made even in limited and challenging circumstances. Biodiversity is the variety of animals, plants, fungi and bacteria found in one area and how they work together to support life. Our school, as part of the Green Schools programme, has installed bird and bat boxes to the building. We hang bird feeders outside classroom windows or on the balconies. One of my colleagues had a wormery on the balcony, which got children and teachers from all classes involved. Growing vegetables in window boxes is something that is in our plans to create ecosystems. We are and want to do more to promote biodiversity in our urban school, they may be small changes, but very worthwhile for the school community.

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