Laura Smyth

I was very interested to read your post Sean, some great ideas on Goal 12 there. It caught my interest as it very much pertains to a situation that has really caused annoyance in our school. We are DEIS band 1 & have in the past two years taken on the Hot Meals programme, there is not a day goes by that we don’t talk about the waste involved!! The amount of food that goes out to the bins each day is shameful. It is a very hard programme to get right in my opinion and because the food cannot be reused like the prepacked rolls & sandwiches we used to get the waste is much higher than before. If we were to perhaps focus through our Green School Committee on the issue of food waste we could perhaps make a difference to the amount of waste, at least raising awareness of the waste. I think there is an unhealthy opinion there that food is an endless commodity & the children need to be made aware of the people in the world who are not as privileged .

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