Noreen Keane

I acknowledge that gender stereotypes exist in our society and indeed in our classrooms. I have had experience of it myself as a child in a small rural 2 teacher school many years ago. However, I am happy to say very little of it is present in the school that I teach in. From day one, we as a staff encourage respect and inclusivity and everyone is treated equally, both adults and children. I experienced degrading and being put down myself as a child, and I do my utmost not to allow it into my own classroom. Our school uses an in-class software, and it groups children to classwork teams, ensuring that all children are included and are in teams where they feel wanted and welcome. Teams can be all boys/girls or mixed. We also run a coffee morning every Friday and our sixth class students, with adult supervision, help out– setting up, making the tea/coffee, serving it up, loading the dishwasher, putting the cups away, playing instruments entertaining the parents etc…. everyone has a role on a rota basis. I believe this is development education, allowing, enabling and giving the children real life values and experiences.

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