Aisling Corbett

Organisations working with refugees in our school’s community:

Doras: Doras is a non-governmental organisation that works to support and advocate for the rights of refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants in Ireland. They provide a range of services, including legal advice, advocacy, integration support, and community development programs.

Irish Red Cross: The Irish Red Cross operates in Limerick and provides support to refugees and asylum seekers through various programs and initiatives. They offer services such as emergency response, health and social care, community development, and psychosocial support.

Limerick Social Services Council: Limerick Social Services Council is an organisation that provides social services to vulnerable groups, including refugees and asylum seekers. They offer practical support, accommodation assistance, and help with integration and accessing essential services.

Nasc Ireland: Nasc is an organisation that supports migrants and refugees across Ireland, including Limerick. They provide information, advice, and advocacy on immigration issues, as well as practical support for accessing healthcare, housing, education, and employment.

Limerick City Integration Working Group: The Limerick City Integration Working Group is a collaborative initiative involving various organisations, community groups, and government agencies. They work together to promote integration and social inclusion of refugees and migrants in Limerick through programs, events, and community engagement.

My primary school has strong links with the local secondary school and every year we are invited to their multicultural day to visit the stalls set up by the second level students from different countries around the world. The stalls have posters and pictures, lots of information about the different cultures in our community, food samples, clothing from the different countries and students of lots of different nationalities who are so welcoming and enthusiastic about educating the young visitors from my school. Perhaps the students in my school could hold a similar event an invite the second level students to visit us and allow us to educate them on the different nationalities in our school.

I think it is very important to foster understanding and empathy among students by educating them about the challenges and experiences faced by refugees. We could incorporate lessons or workshops that explore refugee issues, human rights, and cultural diversity. We could also invite guest speakers, including refugees, to share their stories and experiences, therefore promoting empathy.

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