Patrick Brophy

I found the article very interesting with much reflection throughout. It is important to remember that where we are is shaped through history and historical events and this alone when taught effectively from an early age can evoke an empathy in our students needed for further future focused discussions. I like the point about reimagining how we teach, and giving our students a chance to be their best selves and learn from each other through independent and group work, rather than the formal learning that was the norm for many many years. Although difficult, with a conscious effort we can all be part of the rising tide and influence our students and staff to be better global citizens. With our new curriculum due to provide more flexibility in what we teach and how we teach it, hopefully we can spend quality time teaching past events and how we can learn from these. I think it is important also that we isolate and praise day to day examples of empathy in our students as these small acts clearly need to play a big part in everyone’s future.

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