Sarah Muldowney

The Irish Red Cross provide immediate help to those arriving in Ireland. The Irish Red Cross aims to try to help refugees integrate into Irish society. I think it is important to educate children, especially the senior classes on the work that organisations like the Irish Red Cross, Irish Refugee Council and the UN Regugee Agency do in Ireland to help people who have arrived here.

I think as a school, we can take action by educating ourselves on the work that is done by the organisations above and look at if there is something we as a community can do to help out. Our school enrolled children from Ukraine in March 2022 and many of these children are still with us today. I think this has shown the Irish children that there is a need to help others. Our school held a clothes collection and a food collection to help not only the students that had come to our school, but to send to others from Ukraine who were in need of help. Allowing the students from Ukraine to complete projects about their home country was also a lovely activity to allow the children to share about their lives before coming to Ireland, as well as educating the Irish children regarding what they had gone through to be here.

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