Saoirse Rooney

I work in an urban school in Dublin. Thankfully we have not noticed huge change in my local school area. There is a tributary river to the Dodder flowing by my school and children are fascinated with it when there is increased water flow. The river is well managed but occasionally there is slight flooding in the locality. The River Dodder is a wonderful resource to help engage the children on climate change. There has been huge money invested in cycle paths and walk ways along it bringing it to the centre of many leisure activities in the community. When there has been increased rainfall we can see the devastating power of water and can imagine other communities in the world not so fortunate as our own. We have completed local studied on the wildlife and the benefit of the River Dodder.  It would be easy to discuss the effects of climate change on the River Dodder.

I would suggest linkage with the Green Flag programme on conserving water. Many activities and surveys could in the classroom to discuss saving water in school and in their homes. This could be done in conjunction with a local study of the River Dodder incorporating History, Geography and Science. The melting of the icecaps with increased global temperatures could be linked into this water theme and the influence of it on Dublin and other vulnerable areas in the world giving children a global view on Climate Change.

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