Sarah Muldowney

I have chosen goal 3, ‘Good Health and Well Being’ as I feel this is ver topical today even with young people in schools. I teach 5th class in a DEIS school in the subarbs of Dublin and well-being is something I would tend to put a lot of focus on within the classroom. I think due to covid, this sustainable development goal is one that affects children locally and globally. The pandemic shed light on how important this goal is. Since the pandemic, there has been a rise in cases of anxiety in children and therefore I think the concept of promoting well-being in school is very important.

I would encouarge my students to take action to support this goal by promoting healthy eating policies in school, allowing them to work on projects to look at why it is so important to eat healthy for good health and to work on a classroom plan to support our physical health (daily run a lap of yard etc.). Regarding well-being, I would encourage them to get involved in activities for themselves such as our daily mindfulness, journalling and coming up with ideas for the yearly well-being week in school.

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