Sam Briggs

The Irish Refugee Council provides legal and social support to refugees and asylum seekers, including housing assistance, education programs, and advocacy for their rights. The Irish Red Cross offers emergency relief, healthcare services, and community integration programs for refugees.

To support refugees and welcome them to the community, schools can collaborate with these two organisations to facilitate educational programs for refugee children. This could involve providing language support, cultural orientation, and academic resources to help them adjust to their new learning environment.

Schools can establish mentorship programs where students can volunteer to support and guide refugee students, helping them navigate the school system, make friends, and adapt to the local culture. However, I feel this happens naturally, so a formal process may be unnecessary. It has been wonderful to see how students in the school have had the natural initiative to help Ukrainian refugees feel welcome in the class and in the yard!

My favourite day of the school year is our Multicultural Day, where we celebrate diversity and promote understanding. Parents and kids are invited to bring in food from their home countries, or to perform songs/dances to showcase their cultures. 19 countries were represented this year, which was wonderful to see… and taste!

Fundraising drives or donation campaigns organised by schools can provide essential supplies, clothing, or financial assistance to refugee families in need. These initiatives not only address immediate needs but also demonstrate solidarity and support from the school community.

Admittedly, this is a topic that I should really be more aware of, so I have particularly enjoyed this module and this research task!

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