It’s important to be aware of how climate change is impacting our local area. In my area, we’re seeing more extreme weather patterns and rising sea levels that are threatening our coastline. To engage my pupils in exploring this further, I would create a project-based learning experience that would allow them to research and analyze the effects of climate change on our local area. They could present their findings through a variety of mediums, such as posters, videos, or oral presentations.


To make the world a better place and slow down climate change, I would suggest the following three actions:


1. Reduce our carbon footprint by consuming less and recycling more. This could include using public transportation, composting, or reducing our water usage.


2. Plant more trees and support reforestation efforts. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


3. Advocate for policies and regulations that support renewable energy and limit the use of fossil fuels. This could include supporting local politicians who prioritize environmental issues or attending climate change rallies and protests.

Overall, it’s important to educate ourselves and others about the effects of climate change and take action to reduce our impact on the environment.

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