Saoirse Rooney

It the World Was Only 100 People is an excellent explanation to describe the population of the world and the global inequality that exists. It is very effective teaching tool to relay the idea of 7.6 billion people represented as 100 people. It is an excellent way to discuss global inequality and out position in the world.

Goal 6 to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all can be linked to the Green Flag programme in many schools. It links very well into the third theme in the programme.  Ireland has excellent water resources and we often take it for granted. Schools and homes use vast qualities of water and we can all manage our water consumption better and limit wastage. Over 1.6 billion people lack safely managed drinking water. 2.8 billion people lack safely managed sanitation and 1.9 billion people lack basic hand hygiene facilities. These numbers are staggering. We need to inform students that we are privileged to have access to safe drinking water and to encourage reusing water where necessary. We harvest the rain water for use in the school garden. This is a good reminder of the importance of water in growing food and can be linked to goals 2 and 12.

Giving children practical ways to reduce their consumption of water will help remind them of the sustainable management of water in Ireland and in the world.


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