Hugh Rooney

I live in Sligo and teach in a rural school in Co. Sligo. There is an organisation in Sligo called diversity Sligo that helps integrate asylum seekers and refugees into the local community. There website is https://diversitysligo.ie/ I was not aware of this organisation prior to commencing this course but I see from their website the do fantastic work supporting vulnerable people needing support. Their website is every easy to navigate and has really practical and useful information on integrating into life in Sligo. Arriving as a asylum seeker or refugee must be a very challenging situation to begin with, and organisations such as diversity Sligo goes along way to help and give support to people who are in valuable need of such a service. It is very important that school model an environment for empathy, care and support to student arriving from different countries and cultures. This year we took into 4 students from Ukraine and the children really welcomed them with open arms. One class had welcome banners and cards ready for the child when he arrived to the classroom and a special effort was made to celebrate the birthdays of the Ukrainian students. I was very impressed with how the school community as a whole responded to these students and I think it provides a great example of little understanding, compassionate towards other students can reap great rewards.

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