Michael Conway

Reflect on how Climate Change is impacting on your own local area and how you would engage your pupils to explore this further. Suggest three actions that you can do to make the world a better place and slow down climate change.

Coastal erosion is a key concern in the local area and is quite visible. Coastal road sink holes and parts of the coast falling into the sea as well as beach erosion are real concerns and have a detrimental impact to the local area as well as homes and transport links.

Children could collect information from local newspapers and the media to explore this further. They could research the causal factors of coastal erosion and identify the ways in which this can be reduced.

They could explore the local impact- interviewing people in the community, talking to a climate expert (invited in for a talk) and visit areas of coastal erosion (health and safety needs to be adhered to).

Ways in which we can help:

  1. Reduce our energy wastage- turn off lights, do not leave the TV on standby, choose appropriate times to use appliances, replace old bulbs with energy efficient ones.
  2. Look at what we use for fuel at home- turn down the thermostat a little, reduce shower lengths to avoid wasting water, look at water usage- water butts and old dish water in a basin can be used to water plants etc.
  3. Reduce fast fashion- upcycle and recycle items. Reduce reliance on packaging. Buy local if possible. Walk to school if possible or car pool etc.
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